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Workforce Culture

Workforce Culture

Tirupathi Mines derives its competitive edge in large part from more than hundred remarkable men and women who bring their skills and energy to work every day at offices and plant sites.

In return for their hard work and commitment, the Company aspires to provide competitive wages and benefits, a safe, healthy work environment where employees can function day in and day out without injury, as well as opportunities to grow and develop their skills in order to realize their full potential.

Health and Safety

Striving to be a world-class company necessitates achieving an outstanding level of performance in the crucial area of health and safety. To that end, we operate under stringent, organization-wide safety standards, which emphasize employee involvement through safety committees, internal safety audits, training and certification, as well as strict adherence to safe work habits.

We are striving for continuous improvement in health and safety, with the ultimate goal of zero injuries and zero incidents.

Training and development - Investing in our people

The Investing in Our People (IOP) Program is an on-going initiative focused on providing employees from the various business units and corporate functions with the wherewithal required to make the best decisions about their respective areas of Tirupathi's operations – to, in effect, become true "owners" of the business. To that end, IOP employs a variety of specialized training tools and programs tailored to support Tirupathi’s quest to become a truly world-class organization, while furthering participants’ career opportunities.

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