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Chemical Grade Limestone

Tirupati Mines Chemical grade limestone is high quality natural deposit which meets exact chemical and physical properties required by wide range of Industries. Super Chemical grade limestone is ideal for high calcium lime/ PCC production in vertical shaft and rotary kilns in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Tirupati Mines chemical grade limestone has more than 95 % of specific levels of Calcium Carbonate and because of its high level of purity it contains very low levels of residuals.

The purity of chemical grade limestone makes it ideal for various industries which require high specification like flue gas desulphurization, Glass, Ceramic, Paper, Textile, Tanning Industries, calcium carbide, alkali, bleaching powder, water purification and sugar.

High Grade Limestone

Tirupati Mines high grade limestone meets chemical and physical properties required by wide range of Industries like acid neutralization, agriculture, and brick glazing, filter stone, poultry grit etc.

In Rajasthan many cement plant are based on Nimbahera limestone of Vindhyan super group, which is high in Silica and require sweetener to bring it to required specification of cement formation by blending it with High grade limestone. The cement industry in India in general prescribed more than 150 LSF as sweetener limestone.

Tirupati Mines High grade limestone makes it ideal for usage as sweetener for cement Industry.

Dolomitic Limestone

Tirupati Mines Dolomitic limestone or limestone having more than of > 5 % MgO, makes it ideal for Agriculture lime, brick making, fillers in various industries , rock dusting , Manufacturing of dolime etc.

Addition of calcium and magnesium, improve soil structure, and maintain or promote conditions favorable for the utilization of soil nutrients by plants and for the growth of desirable soil organisms. Hence Tirupati Mines Dolomitic limestone finds perfect use in agriculture.

Tirupati Mines Dolomitic limestone meets the specification for sprinkling on the floors and walls of stock barns, especially dairy barns, where it serves as a neutralizing agent and absorbent of organic wastes and also for giving it a clean appearance.

Tirupati Mines Dolomitic limestone can meet the specification of any industry which require Limestone of TC > 90% and MgO >5.

High Calcium Fines

Tirupati Mines high calcium fines purity makes it ideal for various industries which require high specification like filler in Animal Feed, Cattle Feed, Rubber industry , paint , paper, putty, plastic etc. Fines also find use in Oil exploration, welding rods, ceramic, glass industry and sweetener for cement Industry

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